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Do you remember when the gaming table was full of pizza and soda, not rulebooks, miniatures and dungeon tiles? Do you yearn for a role-playing game that doesn’t require weight training to carry all the books? Do you want to be able to hold all the rules in your head - or in your back pocket? And do you still want to use all those lovely monsters, adventures and game worlds too?

So do we!!

Microlite20 pocketbooks

Microlite20 pocketbooks

Microlite20 is a free role-playing game containing character generation, combat and rules for magic, monsters and level advancement. We have ripped the guts out of d20 leaving just the essence of the game. Skills are much simplified, there are no feats and combat is as simple as it gets. The original Microlite20 is a trimmed-down, subminiature version of the Primary Fantasy Tabletop RPG SRD rules that has been designed to be quick and easy to play. The goal was to create a simpler game, but one where all of the resources of Primary Fantasy SRD (monsters, spells, adventures and equipment) could be used without conversion. It was designed for the 3.5 SRD but will work with the 3.0 SRD or even the PF SRD. The rules for character generation, combat, magic and level advancement take up a single sheet of paper, meaning it is perfect for introducing role-playing to new players, gaming one-shot adventures or tailoring into your own game system (and judging by the number of Microlite20 variants available, tailoring Microlite20 into your own game system is very popular). You can download a PDF copy of the original Microlite20 rules or a PDF copy of the more complete Microlite20 Purest Essence rules or you can browse through the library of Microlite20 supplements and variants in the Microlite20 section of the download area of the RetroRoleplaying web site.

You can talk with other Microlite20 fans in the Microlite20 group on Facebook: Microlite20 Fans. The official Microlite20 home page is Microlite20.net -- and after months of being down, the official site is slowly coming back!

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On Facebook: Thought on barbarian rage. I might make it roll like this:

Thought on barbarian rage. I might make it roll like this:

Spend a bonus action to enter berserker rage. While you're raging:

* You have advantage on Strength saves and Strength-based skill rolls as normal.
* You have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

Those two are the usual benefits, straight from 5e. Instead of "add a token bonus to melee damage," I thought about using this benefit from 13th Age and their barbarians:

* You have advantage on Strength-based melee attack rolls. If your lower-rolling d20 is an 11 or higher and would still hit your opponent, your attack is a critical hit.

Thoughts? I know this makes the berserker (MUCH) more lethal than the fighter, particularly when he starts getting the brutal critical dice, but the fighter would get fighting style benefits which she'd be able to use all the time to compensate.

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On Facebook: Assassin talent:

Assassin talent:

Knives Everywhere
Basic: You have a collection of throwing knives. This is a ranged weapon that inflicts d4 piercing damage, and has the Finesse, Light, and Range (20/60) properties.
Improved: You can make opportunity attacks with your throwing knives. You have an effective reach of 10 feet for purposes of this opportunity attack.
Advanced: You no longer have disadvantage on attack rolls made with a throwing knife if you are within 5 feet of a hostile creature.
Mastery: (think of a benefit that makes throwing knives uber-worthwhile)

Panoply fighter talent:

Golf Bag Full of Weapons
Basic: You have a second set of readied weapons. You may spend your bonus action to switch which set of weapons you have at hand.
Improved: You have a third set of readied weapons.
Advanced: You have a fourth set of readied weapons.
Mastery: If you switch your readied weapons, you have advantage on attack rolls until the end of your current turn.

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