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Do you remember when the gaming table was full of pizza and soda, not rulebooks, miniatures and dungeon tiles? Do you yearn for a role-playing game that doesn’t require weight training to carry all the books? Do you want to be able to hold all the rules in your head - or in your back pocket? And do you still want to use all those lovely monsters, adventures and game worlds too?

So do we!!

Microlite20 pocketbooks

Microlite20 pocketbooks

Microlite20 is a free role-playing game containing character generation, combat and rules for magic, monsters and level advancement. We have ripped the guts out of d20 leaving just the essence of the game. Skills are much simplified, there are no feats and combat is as simple as it gets. The original Microlite20 is a trimmed-down, subminiature version of the Primary Fantasy Tabletop RPG SRD rules that has been designed to be quick and easy to play. The goal was to create a simpler game, but one where all of the resources of Primary Fantasy SRD (monsters, spells, adventures and equipment) could be used without conversion. It was designed for the 3.5 SRD but will work with the 3.0 SRD or even the PF SRD. The rules for character generation, combat, magic and level advancement take up a single sheet of paper, meaning it is perfect for introducing role-playing to new players, gaming one-shot adventures or tailoring into your own game system (and judging by the number of Microlite20 variants available, tailoring Microlite20 into your own game system is very popular). You can download a PDF copy of the original Microlite20 rules or a PDF copy of the more complete Microlite20 Purest Essence rules or you can browse through the library of Microlite20 supplements and variants in the Microlite20 section of the download area of the RetroRoleplaying web site.

You can talk with other Microlite20 fans in the Microlite20 group on Facebook: Microlite20 Fans. The official Microlite20 home page is Microlite20.net -- and after months of being down, the official site is slowly coming back!

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On Facebook: I’m also putting some solo PWYW paper minis up on DriveThruR

I’m also putting some solo PWYW paper minis up on DriveThruRPG. If you download them please leave a review. If you can throw me some pennies. Eventually those pennies add up and every bit counts. Thanks much. :^)


I’m also putting some solo PWYW paper minis up on DriveThruRPG. If you download them please leave a review. If you can throw me some pennies. Eventually those pennies add up and every bit counts. Thanks much. :^)


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On Facebook: It’s been a while since I talked up the Age of Exploration.

It’s been a while since I talked up the Age of Exploration. Anyway, the next class after the fighter, artificer, and scoundrel is the master of the mind, the mystic!

(Remind me to source Star Wars RCR for some inspiration here.)

Psychic Points: Starting at 1st level, you have a pool of power (referred to as mystic points) equal to 4 + your Int mod. These mystic points are used to power your psionic technicks. You gain 4 additional mystic points each time you gain a mystic level. These mystic points are restocked after eight hours’ sleep.

Technicks and Armor: You cannot manifest technicks while wearing armor.

Enervation: If you run out of mystic points and want to manifest a psionic technick, roll 2d6. The technick manifests, and you take that much damage to your maximum HP.

Psionic Technicks: You know three of the following psionic technicks at 1st level and gain one new one at every odd level. Unless otherwise stated, you can spend a maximum amount of MP on one technick equal to your mystic level.

*Apportation: You can move through the space between thoughts. By spending 1 MP per 10′ you wish to move, it is so. You must be able to clearly see your intended destination. This is a standard action.

*Astral Projection: You can separate from your body and commit reconnaissance with a mere thought (and the expenditure of 3 MP.) Your astral form can travel 20′ + 10’/level away from your body and can travel through solid substances. Creatures that can see invisible objects can see your astral form. If your body is harmed, you immediately return to it and suffer 1d6 maximum HP damage. You remain outside of your body for five minutes (but can spend 3 MP to extend this time.)

*Clairvoyance: You can witness events happening at a faraway place by spending 2 MP. Fill in later. ;_;

*Mind Thrust: Concentrating on a target’s mind, you can focus shredding psychic energy upon it. Your target must make a Cha + level roll (DC 10 + your Cha + level) to avoid damage; otherwise, he takes 1d10 unstoppable damage per MP spent. Your mind thrust is limited to 1d10/mystic level. This technick does not work on mindless targets, such as the undead.

Creatures reduced to 0 HP by mind thrust have their heads explode in a hideous display of blood, ejected brain matter, and gore.

*Precognition: You can predict the immediate future; just far ahead enough to avoid a single mistake. At the start of a combat, you can spend 2 MP. At any point during the combat, you can force one participant, yourself included, to reroll a single d20 and use the result that’s more favorable to you. (Two mystics can’t use precognition on the same d20 roll.)

*Pyrokinesis: You can conjure flames out of nowhere, sending them at your opponent. You can create one fireball as a standard action; each fireball does 1d6 fire damage per MP spent, and can be launched as a ranged attack. Your fireballs’ power is limited to 1d6/mystic level.

*Telekinesis: You can move an attended or unattended object without touching it. The MP cost is determined by the size of the object you are attempting to move:
1-5 lbs.: 1 MP
6-50 lbs: 2 MP
51-500 lbs: 3 MP
501-2000 lbs: 4 MP
Opposed melee attack rolls are required if you attempt to move an attended object.

*Telepathy: You can send a short message, about twelve words’ worth, to one or more targets. This technick costs 1 MP to use, plus 1 additional MP per additional recipient of the message. Every twelve words (or fraction thereof) costs an additional 1 MP.

*Tower of Iron Will: You gain a +5 bonus on rolls made to resist mind-affecting effects. This technick lasts for 10 minutes and costs a flat 3 MP to use.

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On Facebook: [WARNING: Long!]

[WARNING: Long!]

So a friend reminded me that I was working on a cyberpunk m20 game a while ago, before the Age of Exploration, and we all know what one of the best things about cyberpunk is.

Besides, you know, chrome and mirrorshades and future slang and neon-laced noir and the consensual mutual hallucination that is cyberspace.

We’re talking cyberware, baby. 😀

Cyberware of any type takes a DC 20 Int + Knowledge check to install, and requires 2d6 hours. Unlike most other first aid, you cannot install cyberware in yourself. If the check fails, the cyberware doesn’t function, and another surgery is required to synchronize your cyberware with your meat body.

You can have a number of cyberware pieces installed equal to your character’s unaugmented Strength modifier (minimum 0).

Before you ask, chummer, you can’t reap the benefits from multiple installs of the same ‘ware.


AutoLoader Arm: The MarsCorp Automatic Reloading System was made to make reloading firearms much faster. You can reload any firearm as a swift action.

Balverines: Named for a copyright-friendly version of a famous superhero, these blades extend from your knuckles when you clench your fists. While extended, your unarmed attacks ignore your target’s armor bonus to Defense.

Bone Lacing (Mk. I – V): Whether manufactured by the Geneva Material Sciences Corporation or one of their competitors, ‘punks swear by this process of interweaving the skeletal system with PVC and durable metallic fibers. Bone lacing adds (your level * the lacing’s version) maximum HP.

Cerebral Booster (Mk. I – III): Maas Biosystems pioneered this unique process in which artificial neural circuitry is woven through the brain itself. While installed, your Intelligence score is boosted by +2 to a maximum of 22. Higher versions increase this bonus and maximum to +4/24 and +6/26.

CyberEyes: An offshoot of early 21st century culture known as “streaming,” the ApothoMed Industries Cybernetic Eye Replacement allows wearers to upload everything you see to cyberspace– at their own peril. You gain darkvision 60′ when these are installed.

DataJack: This term refers to any of dozens of models made by hundreds of corporations, but the idea is always the same: A direct bridge between your tech and your brain. Datajacks allow deckers to use their cyberdeck, wheelmen to jack into SMART vehicles, and anyone to use a SmartGun system in an installed gun.

Dermal Plating (Mk. I – V): Big, bad, blatantly obvious, and ugly, dermal plating is what you get when MarsCorp got the idea to install organic kevlar and titanium plates onto your skin. Dermal plating adds its rating to your Defense.

Gun Show (Mk. I – V): Also called “Sweet Science” on the street, this system of titanium-reinforced knuckles and miniaturized hydraulics in the wrist allow for additional punching power. Gun Show adds its rating to your unarmed attack damage.

JoltAlert: Setting up a system of redundancies and countermeasures in the brain and ear canals, the JoltAlert System can negate assaults on the central nervous system. Three times a day, you can ignore stun effects.

Leg Replacements: Drek happens, omae. Sometimes you’re in a horrifying car accident. Sometimes you get the idea to hackey-sack a frag grenade. ApothoMed’s there for you, though. With synthetic legs custom-made for you, you’ll be up and literally running in no time! If you replace both of your legs, your Speed is increased by +10’.

Light Paint: Tattoos are fun, especially on the right leather-clad lady solo, but this is the age where anything and everything is disposable– including tattoos. The Light Paint creates a tattoo-like image on your skin of your choosing; you can change this image to another of your liking as a swift action. The image can be a moving image; either way, it doesn’t grant any in-game bonuses.

Mr. Studd ™ Sexual Implant: [description trimmed due to appeal to tact. Good Lord.]

Muscle Replacements (Mk. I – III): Originally made for the military, Maas Biosystems promises that this artificial muscle lattice will make you just like “de Terminator.” While installed, your Strength score is boosted by +2 to a maximum of 22. Higher versions increase this bonus and maximum to +4/24 and +6/26.

Platelet Factory (Mk. I – IV): ApothoMed Industries intended this automatic platelet generator to aid patients in recovery from surgery; ‘punks found far better use on the streets for this. Three times per day, you can recover 1d8 + 1 HP. Higher versions increase this recovery to 2d8 + 3, 3d8 + 5, and 4d8 + 7 HP.

Retrieval Arm: MarsCorp created this arm augmentation to help the military of the United Canadian-American States deal with grenades. When a thrown grenade lands within 5’ of you, make a ranged attack roll. If your roll meets or exceeds the attack roll for the grenade, you return the grenade as if you threw it. Two opponents with Retrieval Arms make for a VERY dangerous game of hot potato!

Skill Chip: Nobody can do everything, but the Plexus Instant Education System can make it look like you can. A skill chip grants a flat +3 bonus to one skill (Physical, Knowledge, Communication, Subterfuge, or Survival.)

Times Square Marquee: Similar to the Light Paint cyberware above, except this allows you to display scrolling text instead of moving images. Most ‘punks use this to serve as a basic chronometer.

Vox Box: The Shilka Toys Voice Modulator lets you literally put words in someone else’s mouth– and voice! You can change your voice; attempting to use the Vox Box to imitate someone or deceive security requires a Charisma + Communication/Subterfuge roll, depending on what you’re doing.

Wired Reflexes (Mk. I – III): While installed, your Dexterity score is boosted by +2 to a maximum of 22. Higher versions increase this bonus and maximum to +4/24 and +6/26.


Alphaware is a form of cyberware that meshes and integrates more naturally into the human body. Because alphaware is still in the “early adoption” stage, it’s expensive. Much more expensive than normal cyberware.

In game terms, alphaware costs up to four times as much as normal cyberware. On the plus side, alphaware doesn’t count against your limit on installed cyberware.

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