Relics & Ruins

Complete games based on the Microlite20 system. Some are only slightly longer than the Microlite20 core rules. Others are much more detailed and therefore longer.

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Relics & Ruins

Post by randalls » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:48 am

A rules light post apocalyptic RPG, based on Microlite20 and Microlite74 rules.

Sometime in the far past, civilization ended. Atomic war, natural disaster, alien invasion, no one remembers how or why now. All that is known is the once mighty Ancients are gone. Their legacy lies strewn about blasted ruins, waiting to be claimed once more. You are a child of the wasteland, born of the parch. The wasteland is yours for the shaping, the relics of yesterday yours for the taking. Mercenary, raider, thief, adventurer, relic hunter, slave, king...the future is in your hands.

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