Microlite20 Galactic Methuselah

Complete games based on the Microlite20 system. Some are only slightly longer than the Microlite20 core rules. Others are much more detailed and therefore longer.

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Microlite20 Galactic Methuselah

Post by randalls » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:09 am

Imagine, if you will, beings so powerful that they are near god-like in stature. Beings that can cross the universe as easily as you or I cross the street. Beings that enter parallel dimensions, or alternate time streams, as easily as you or I enter the next room. Beings capable even of piercing the veil between reality and fiction. Such beings are Galactic Methuselah, beyond formidable, the very essence of enigmatic, whose motives are as inscrutable to us as our motives are to insects.

Now, imagine working for such a being. That’s where you come in, a servant of a Galactic Methuselah. As powerful as the Methuselah are, they are also very busy. And some chores are just not worthy of a Methuselah's time. So they send their servants out to conduct what are, to them, mundane tasks though to us they are often very nearly suicide missions.

Of course, being Methuselah, ordinary servants won’t do. No, Galactic Methuselah must have the very best servants possible, genetically enhanced and armed with big guns.

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