Microlite20 Ultimate Mecha

Complete games based on the Microlite20 system. Some are only slightly longer than the Microlite20 core rules. Others are much more detailed and therefore longer.

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Microlite20 Ultimate Mecha

Post by randalls » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:49 am

This is an adaptation of the Microlite 20 Purest Essence rules for the creation of mecha. A mecha is a giant robot or mechanized suit of armor used for heavy industrial work, or more often, combat, like a massive tank with arms and legs, though your mecha may instead have wheels, skis or some other mode of transport. These rules will enable you to create any kind of mecha, from a personal battle suit to a team of robots that combine together to form a superrobot, strong enough to destroy a planet. You’ll need Purest Essence for rules on how to play and other rules not listed here. Last revised March 29, 2015.

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