Pathfinder Lite Tablet Digest Edition

Complete games based on the Microlite20 system. Some are only slightly longer than the Microlite20 core rules. Others are much more detailed and therefore longer.

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Pathfinder Lite Tablet Digest Edition

Post by randalls » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:00 am

"I really liked much of what Pathfinder brought to the game table. However I still wanted the sleek, robust, ruleset of Microlite20. What I did was take the core rules of Microlite20 and added in key features that I thought truly defined Pathfinder; the things that really set it apart from 3.5. Then I smelted down those features and incorporated them in to the Microlite20 core rules which resulted in Pathfinder LITE - Players Compendium. I've continued development and now Pathfinder LITE has all of it's own core documents with out any reference back to Microlite20."

This book compiles all the Pathfinder LITE material by Morgan Mains at the Pathfinder LITE web site into one digest-sized book suitable for viewing on a tablet. The text open game content under the OGL and is published under Paizo's Community Use Policy. Pathfinder LITE is based on PF 1e.

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