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Microlite74 Companion III: More Optional Rules

This is the Microlite74 download library. These rules are based on the very first edition of the world's most popular fantasy RPG, but use Microlite20-based systems. Published in 1974 this edition was published as three digest-sized booklets in a brown (later white) box, followed by several supplemental booklets.

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Microlite74 Companion III: More Optional Rules

Post by randalls » Thu Oct 24, 2019 9:14 am

Microlite74 Companion III: More Optional Rules includes many optional rules. Most can be used with any version of the third edition of Microlite74: Basic, Standard, or Extended. There are optional rules included for Supplemental Stats: Sanity and Luck, Optional Races (various goblinoid races, Tieflings, Catfolk, Dragonborn, and many more ), Optional Classes (Witches, Necromancers, Delvers, Swashbucklers, and many more), Optional Experimental Classes (like comic book Superhero), Races as Classes, Experimental Class Options (for standard classes), Specialist Priests (Clerics than vary by deity followed), Monster Mash Advantages (turning characters into vampires, lycanthropes, and ghosts), Spell Sphere (free form magic), Magic Item Creation, Feat of Strength and Skill, Shield Wall, Climbing on Enemies, Action-Type Initiative, Unusual Weapons, Mounted Combat and Jousting, Critical Hit Special Effects, Critical Miss Special Effects, Prime Requisite Experience Bonuses, Conjurer Spell List (Arcane, 7 levels), Necromancer Spell List (Arcane, 7 levels), Shaman Spell List (Divine, 7 levels), Ascetic Spell List (Arcane, 6 levels), Thaumaturge Spell List (Arcane, 7 levels), Witch Spell List (Arcane, 7 levels), Additional Monsters, and Traps, Natural Hazards, and Diseases.

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