SotU - Spell Thoughts?

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SotU - Spell Thoughts?

Post by Snorb » Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:49 pm

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right board for it, but I'll ask anyway.

For a Searchers of the Unknown hack I'm planning, I was going to have spells that have multiple power levels (similar to Base/Basera/Basega/Baseja spells in Final Fantasy, Base/Gibase/Nabase/Dobase spells in Phantasy Star, and Base/Basela/Basedyne spells in Persona.)

Right now, I have:

  • 1d8 damage to one target on a successful attack roll (+1d8/2 levels)
  • 1d6 damage to one target (+1d6/2 levels) and minimum damage to adjacent creatures, target and adjacent creatures must save to halve damage
  • 1d6 damage to all targets in a 30 foot line (+1d6/2 levels), save to avoid damage
  • 1d4 damage to all targets in a 15' cone (+1d4/2 levels?), save to halve damage

Those would be the base levels. I'm not sure how to do higher-tier variants; maybe larger dice for the first spell, wider splash range on the second, longer line on the third, more dice on the fourth?

Any ideas would be awesome about this. Thanks, everyone =)

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Re: SotU - Spell Thoughts?

Post by Vanya » Wed Sep 25, 2019 5:26 am

Cool. I'm eventually going to use something similar for my game.

My best suggestion is to look at similar spells of different levels with similar effects for inspiration.
Pathfinder has a ton of spells that improve as you level up so those might be useful too.

Oh! Pathfinder 2e's whole spell system is designed to be able to "heighten" many spells to use a higher spell slot. Cantrips automatically heighten to your highest spell level, too. Those could be very useful to look at.

Anyway, good luck!

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