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combine microlite74 3d6 edition with microlite2020 ose and extra options

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combine microlite74 3d6 edition with microlite2020 ose and extra options

Post by rrodg84 » Thu Sep 09, 2021 1:26 pm

howdy all. i wanna play a 3d6 game, it's my 2nd time gming (5e before) but will be players' first time playing, i figure using dice everyone knows is good idea. plus i have no other gaming dice atm other than boardgame-raided d6s and we wanna play, and im cheap and dont wanna buy dice. so i want an easy experience for me and for them. and i like the partial success stuff from ml74 3d6. basically want to cobble together a house rules hybrid of microlite2020 ose, microlite74 3d6, expand the race options from osr style to more modern-ish ancestry like m2020/pf2, and use the classes from microlite74 extended. im not asking for anyone to make this game for me of course, i'll cobble it together myself, just looking for more experienced srd hackers to give me some pointers. how much of this stuff is modular and will it fit together like i want it to or will i end up with mathematically broken dookie?

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