Microlite74 Version 2.0 Ancient Auguries

The current version of Microlite74 is 3.0. This folder holds older versions of Microlite74. All (except version 1.0) are playable and some prefer these earlier editions. Version 1.1 is used a lot in convention and meetup games as the rules are very short.

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Microlite74 Version 2.0 Ancient Auguries

Post by randalls » Sat Oct 26, 2019 1:50 pm

Microlite74 Version 2.0 Ancient Auguries is a supplement to Microlite74 Version 2.0 adding four pages of optional rules, including: Specialist Class, special abilities for each standard class, skills, ritual magic, metamagic, fire-and-forget magic, combat stunts, etc.

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