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Microlite20 Forum Rules: Executive Summary Edition
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2012, 02:42:49 pm »
The Microlite20 Forum is not a democracy, at best it is a benevolent dictatorship. The hosts of the site have set the rules below for the Microlite20 message board. They also apply to other community areas that do not have their own rules.  Make sure you are familiar with them. Read them daily to remind yourself of them if you have to, because the hosts have given the community's staff and moderators the power to limit or deny access to those who insist on violating them.


In the interest of keeping our rules short and ease to understand, we are presenting them in this "executive summary" form. If this does not work, they will be replaced my long, detailed, picky rules that you will hate, so don't be a rules lawyer and try to get away with as much as you can by following the letter of the rules instead of their spirit.

  • Obey US Law in all activity on the RetroRoleplaying Forum.

  • Respect the other members of this message board and their opinions: they are entitled to play and like RPGs that you loathe (and vice-versa) and to discuss those RPGs here so long as they follow our rules. They have the right to respectfully state their opinions just as you have the right to respectfully state yours.

  • Do not be a jackass. Do not behave in a manner the staff or hosts might consider rude or annoying (e.g. making personal attacks, arguing mod calls, advertising without approval, posting the same topic to multiple boards, trying to moderate other members, trying to change the focus of the forum to something other than Microlite20 and tabletop RPGs, posting copyrighted material without express permission from the copyright owner, etc.).

  • This board is not an appropriate place to debate real world political issues and/or real world religious issues. There are plenty of places on the Internet for such discussions, is simply not one of those places.

  • Post in English and post legibly (e.g. use short paragraphs separated by blank lines, don't write in "netspeak", quote a small part of the message you are replying to, etc.).

  • You permanently and irrevocably grant and the right to use anything you post. If you get mad, leave, and demand that everything you ever posted or allowed to be used on this forum and this site be deleted, such demands will be ignored because you have given us the permanent right to use your material by posting it. All gaming materials (rules, monsters, spells, magic items, settings, adventures, etc) you post on the board are designated as Open Game Content under the Open Game License (OGL) and may be used by anyone under the OGL.


Standard consequences for violating community rules include:

  • Public "Mod Hat On" Warning issued by a Moderator or Staff member
  • Editing or deletion of the offending post
  • Being gagged (unable to post) for a period of time
  • Being banned from community areas for a period of time
  • Loss of privileges to use certain community areas or features
  • Permanent ban

With the approval of a Host, other consequences are possible in specific situations.

If you disagree with a moderation call, you may appeal the ruling (very politely) to the Host in a PM. The decisions of the Hosts are final. Appeals that the Host considers so frivolous as to be a complete waste of his limited time will generally result in additional penalties being applied.
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