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Description: Microlite5e is an attempt to do for 5e what Microlite20 did for 3.x. "It should make character creation very quick and reduce the number of fiddly bits that a player has to keep track of. Characters should be balanced with existing fifth edition characters and be able to complete normal fifth edition adventures. Changes: Microlite5E keeps all class features, but simplifies weapon and armour choices, replaces skills with broader proficiencies, reduces races to a single feature, prompts an optimal ability
modifier array and discards ability scores to use modifiers only. It also comes with a two-page monster creation system that should make DMG-legal monsters."

This is the "second release" pdf.
Keywords: Microlite20, variant system, 5e 
Posted by: randalls May 27, 2015, 08:24:46 am

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