Tarnhelm's Terrible Tome
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Description: Tarnhelm’s Terrible Tome is a set of house rules for the original 1974 (0e) version of the world’s most popular tabletop fantasy roleplaying game (and modern clones, like Swords & Wizardry). These house rules are modern renditions of the house rules the author used with his original edition games in the 1970s. Some of house rules included:

* A simple “skills” system based on class and background instead of lists of skills
* A Hit Point/Body Point system where Hit Points represent fatigue and Body Points represent actual wounds.
* Ritual Magic
* An alternate alignment system
* Critical Hits and Critical misses
* A class based weapon damage system that ends class weapon restrictions.
* An optional Armor system that ends class restrictions on wearing armor
* An optional class: the Mnemonic Mage
* Optional Divine Intervention rules

This digest-sized edition of Tarnhelm’s Terrible Tome is designed to be printed double-sided using the booklet-printing feature of Adobe Acrobat, the pages can be folded and stapled to create a “0e” style digest-sized booklet.
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