Gyphons & Gramarye Playtest Draft 2
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Description: Gyphons & Gramarye is based on Microlite74/78/81 with different classes: a fighter who is truly superb at combat, a hunter who is a fair combatant but specialized in hunting supernatural creatures, a scout an outdoorsman who is also fair at combat, a magician who is a poor combatant but has access to healing and illusion magic, and finally the wizard who is truly awful at combat, but wields powerful magic. This second draft adds a major new sub-system: Divine Cults. There is no longer a cleric class, instead any character willing to donate a percentage of his income (before it adds to XP) can have some ability to call on a deity in play.

Note: This is a password-protected zip file. Anyone who donates to the Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund receives the password.
Posted by: randalls August 10, 2015, 02:30:37 pm

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