BX Advanced Playtest Version 0.1
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Description: BX Advanced is a clone the Basic/Expert rules using the First Edition classes, spells, monsters, and treasure. In other words, it is First edition played the way many people who started playing with B/X (or later, BECMI) and then moved on to the "advanced" edition played the game. This first playtest edition simply combines the open game content from a popular B/X and a popular 1e clone with a bit of my own material. The formatting is very raw and uneven and little to no proofreading has been done, but this first playtest draft provides a good starting point that I will be building on. Like most of my Microlite7x/81 games, I will be adding lots of optional rules and house rules in future playtest editions. The final product will be much more that what you see here. However, what you see here should be very playable -- if not super original or super easy to read because of formatting issues.

Note: This is a password-protected zip file. Anyone who donates to the Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund receives the password.
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